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DMR Bikes are proud to support the MTB Hall of Fame.

DMR is an original UK brand started in 1995 by Damian Mason and Matt Ryley out of a passion for bikes and in particular dirt jumping and generally having fun. DMR’s first product was the legendary V8 flat pedal which is still a massive seller today.

Many of the ‘Hall of Famers’ will have cut their mountain bike teeth on all forms of the sport when National and even International events were multi discipline. Flat Pedals were choice of all Downhill and 4X (Dual Slalom… remember that) riders before the rise of clip-in pedals and for many today are still the best way to ride a bike in technical trails.

DMR always has a firm foot in supporting riders and grass roots events. Today’s DMR dirt jump team cut some of the best moves on web videos and inspire others test their ride skills. DMR is also behind the ‘Pump Track’ movement and sponsors the DMR Pump Track Challenge series. Pump Tracks are springing up all over the country and are often supported and built with local council funds and with local riders involved. Pump Tracks are good for local community and have an important role to play in the future of our social and cycling future.

DMR Bikes is a brand of Upgrade Bikes Distribution and Bike Design.



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Pacific Edge Events Limited
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Registered in England & Wales Registration Number: 05379596

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