e*thirteen’s road to the hall of fame started years ago, when most riders didn’t even know what a chain device was.

Anyone who was anyone in DH racing knew all about the security and reliability of their block and tackle transmission insurance though and they’ve won multiple World Championships to prove it.

Now you only have to look at the range of chain guides in their catalogue to realise how universal their appeal has become. Sure there are still the World Championship winning LG1 and SRS family, and the freeride/all mountain/enduro TRS chain tamer crew guaranteed to go the far side of the biggest drops or most random rock gardens. But did you know the lightweight XCX chain guide first appeared in 2004 as a family and friends project, years before becoming the current must have drivetrain upgrade of the cross country and cyclo cross scene?

Their recent team up with fellow innovators ‘The Hive’ has created a similarly broad array of ultra stiff wheels and modular chainsets that are stirring up rave reviews everywhere they’re used. In fact with wheel and transmission innovation the hottest technological areas in MTB right now e*thirteen are already where they’ve always been – way ahead of the curve and creating the ultimate components for the most progressive riders.

e*thirteen is distributed in the UK by Silverfish. Here at Silverfish we’re really proud to be a founder supporter of the MTB Hall of Fame. That’s because we’re proud of the part we’ve played by delivering the best biking gear from across the globe into the best UK shops.

We scabbed our knees and bloodied our shins while Barrie Clarke proved wheels were the fastest way to cross Wales in the Man V Horse race. We saw the late great Jason McCroy introduce riser bars, tattoos – and let’s be honest – real style into racing. We’ve seen Rob Warner turn from being the first UK World Cup downhill winner to being the instantly recognisable rowdy voice of global MTB TV, and in the time it’s taken for Steve Peat to become World Champion and Nick Craig to prove he’s a perpetual motion XC terminator, we’ve laid down serious milestones of our own.

So here’s to the new MTB Hall of fame and all the inspirational icons in it – long may it continue.



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