Barrie Clarke

Barrie Clarke is an all round mountain bike champion who managed to become a multiple British mountain bike champ while still holding down a day job.

Barrie’s quiet off-bike persona hid an aggressive drive that led to him being one of the most recognised British racers in the ’90s; teeth gritted in his cross country races with the domestic stars of the time, as well as the likes of John Tomac and Ned Overend. Barrie was British Mountain Bike Champion in 1995 1996 and 1998

Barrie wasn’t just a cross country rider though. He had many top road racing and cyclocross results too, with two national cyclocross titles. He also showed that he could race the longer events and was there at the start of the first ever Mountain Mayhem in 1998. Despite hours of rain and mud, he was still cheerful at the end.

Barrie is still active in the cycling scene and is often seen helping out at every sort of bike race, helping to put something back into the sport.



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