Michael Bonney

Michael is the lifeblood of Orange Mountain Bikes and a tireless champion of mountain biking in general. Without his enthusiasm to draw on many of us would never have got mountain biking in the first place. We have all been devastated by his accident and wish him the best for the future. Michael would truly be a deserving entrant to the Hall of Fame.

Michael’s has been testing bikes for Orange bikes for more years than anyone can remember, but it is not only Orange that he has championed but mountain biking in general! Without such enthusiasm many of us would have not got into mountain biking and enjoyed the fantastic trails that that the UK offers.

When issue 1 of Singletrack was published they looked for an industry stalwart to set the standard for their first interview. They chose Michael. That was 12 years ago. Since then Michael has continued to be the powerhouse behind the marketing of the UK’s best known and respected MTB manufacturer. Despite his modesty and affectionately awarded title of grumpiest man in the bike industry, he is one of the most respected and admired members of our world. Without doubt there is no one more deserving than Michael to be in the UK Hall of Fame!! All of us that know Michael have been devastated by his recent accident and wish him the best for the future.



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