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HOPE, as a company has now worked at the leading edge of engineering technology since 1989.

Ian Weatherill and Simon Sharp, 2 Rolls Royce aerospace engineers decided that the brakes on their newly discovered mountain bikes weren’t up to scratch when compared to those on the motorbikes that they were used to riding. A mechanical brake was produced and a hub to attach it to, and that, as they say is where the story started.

Now, 23 years on, we employ 100 people (several of whom started out at the beginning) to run 52 CNC machines, 24 hours a day. The whole range of components are produced in house. The design team use their extensive knowledge and skills on the latest computer aided design software to create the drawings that are then turned into the finished parts.

Virtually everything is made in the Barnoldswick Factory right down to the connectors, shims, pawls and other small parts that go into making the finished piece.

As an ISO 9001 approved company – we work to the highest standards. Not only in manufacturing, but also in the constant investment in training, machines and most importantly – in people. Quality in manufacturing relies upon the expertise of the people who deliver its products and services to customers.

With developments in design and production techniques – and the people to utilise them – HOPE is looking forward to many more years of producing world renowned products, cutting edge design and outstanding customer service.



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Pacific Edge Events Limited
Vein Cottage
Longnor, Buxton
Derbyshire SK17 0LG

Registered in England & Wales Registration Number: 05379596

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