If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the designers at legendary saddle brand SDG must have been blushing badly as they walked round recent bike shows.

It’s over a decade since they introduced the single rail integrated saddle and seatpost I-Beam design that’s suddenly, shall we say, ‘inspired’ several other manufacturers to abandon the idea of easily bent, broken or popped out twin rail systems.

Maybe it was the ultra light weight potential of the I-Beam concept that caught their eye. Maybe it was the far greater and easier range of seat adjustment. We doubt they ignored the superlative strength and security of a seating system originally designed to survive the componentry abattoir that is Whistler Mountain bike park and the World Cup DH circuit. The fact SDG I-Beam seats have since gone on to win everything from top level road race events to Olympic BMX medals won’t have gone unnoticed either.

As well as all these damn good reasons for SDG to take a seat in the Hall of fame, let’s not forget that this small specialist saddle firm almost singlehandedly put fun under your bum. Sure you could get different colours before, and maybe rivets if you were racey. But leopard skin or tiger stripe, zebra, snakeskin, national flag or a whole range of other individual upholstery choices? No, that would have been a much loved and copied SDG innovation too.

SDG is distributed in the UK by Silverfish. Here at Silverfish we’re really proud to be a founder supporter of the MTB Hall of Fame. That’s because we’re proud of the part we’ve played by delivering the best biking gear from across the globe into the best UK shops.

We scabbed our knees and bloodied our shins while Barrie Clarke proved wheels were the fastest way to cross Wales in the Man V Horse race. We saw the late great Jason McCroy introduce riser bars, tattoos – and let’s be honest – real style into racing. We’ve seen Rob Warner turn from being the first UK World Cup downhill winner to being the instantly recognisable rowdy voice of global MTB TV, and in the time it’s taken for Steve Peat to become World Champion and Nick Craig to prove he’s a perpetual motion XC terminator, we’ve laid down serious milestones of our own.

So here’s to the new MTB Hall of fame and all the inspirational icons in it – long may it continue.



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