There’s a phrase in dragster racing that sums up Dave Turner’s approach to bike design perfectly.

Over the past two decades he’s proved that ‘run what you brung’ might mean a lot of long hours over the drawing board or pedaling prototypes, but if you want to be on the ultimate ride it’s a price worth paying.

Working with suspension pioneers Horst Leitner (AMP) and Paul Turner (Rock Shox) Dave was already racing his first prototype Turner Burner with 2.75in of rear travel and a 2in travel fork back in 1993. Evolutions of the Burner design then exploded across the globe as one of the first truly successful all round suspension bikes, and it’s classic four bar linkage layout is still the template for countless bikes nearly twenty years later. Since then Dave’s continually updated his own suspension systems through fanatically detailed and time consuming development stories with his idea of perfection as the only allowable result. It’s certainly not the easiest or most economical way, but then nobody thinks long term like Dave does.

That’s why although his latest bikes are top and tailed with state of the art tapered headtubes and screw through rear axles, he still uses grease injected Kevlar bushings for maximum smooth swinging lifespan. It’s why all his frames are still built and painted in the US, before being finally checked and built into bikes by him and five others at his California workshop. It’s also why Turner owners are the most satisfied, tenaciously loyal and smug looking riders you’re ever likely to meet on the trail.

Turner is distributed in the UK by Silverfish. Here at Silverfish we’re really proud to be a founder supporter of the MTB Hall of Fame. That’s because we’re proud of the part we’ve played by delivering the best biking gear from across the globe into the best UK shops.

We scabbed our knees and bloodied our shins while Barrie Clarke proved wheels were the fastest way to cross Wales in the Man V Horse race. We saw the late great Jason McCroy introduce riser bars, tattoos – and let’s be honest – real style into racing. We’ve seen Rob Warner turn from being the first UK World Cup downhill winner to being the instantly recognisable rowdy voice of global MTB TV, and in the time it’s taken for Steve Peat to become World Champion and Nick Craig to prove he’s a perpetual motion XC terminator, we’ve laid down serious milestones of our own.

So here’s to the new MTB Hall of fame and all the inspirational icons in it – long may it continue.



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