If there’s one brand that should be considered truly iconic in MTB history it has to be Yeti, and not just because they’re the only MTB brand with their own signature paint job.

Yeti deserve their cult status because the frames under that instantly recognisable turqouise and yellow livery have always been at the cutting edge of MTB race and ride performance.

The handful of handmade carbon and steel C-26 frames that legendary racers like John Tomac and Juli Furtado rode to victory were captured in all action images that still resonate today. In fact a piece of those history snapshots are still so sought after that fans are paying thousands to recreate their own C-26s with the last ultra rare sets of custom Easton carbon tubing and chopped up FRO donor frames. King and Queen of high speed cool Missy Giove and Myles Rockwell then took Yeti into the Kamikaze DH era in suitably photogenic style. Over the next decade massive chainring monsters from legendary motorbike suspension innovator Mert Lawwill were swapped for the radical linear rail linkage equipped 303DH bikes. Aaron Gwin and Sam Blenkinsop continued Yeti’s tradition of spotting top talent early while Jared Graves finally won the World Championship 4X title that eluded him for so long in 2009.

Away from the race track, bikes like the AS-X, 575, ASR and their carbon comrades have continually kept the Colorado born breed at the top of rider wish lists, while the latest Switch technology SB66 and SB95 super bikes redefine the limits of terrain connection and traction at the limit of control. Basically if the Hall of fame had a throne in it, Yeti would be sitting there.

Yeti is distributed in the UK by Silverfish. Here at Silverfish we’re really proud to be a founder supporter of the MTB Hall of Fame. That’s because we’re proud of the part we’ve played by delivering the best biking gear from across the globe into the best UK shops.

We scabbed our knees and bloodied our shins while Barrie Clarke proved wheels were the fastest way to cross Wales in the Man V Horse race. We saw the late great Jason McCroy introduce riser bars, tattoos – and let’s be honest – real style into racing. We’ve seen Rob Warner turn from being the first UK World Cup downhill winner to being the instantly recognisable rowdy voice of global MTB TV, and in the time it’s taken for Steve Peat to become World Champion and Nick Craig to prove he’s a perpetual motion XC terminator, we’ve laid down serious milestones of our own.

So here’s to the new MTB Hall of fame and all the inspirational icons in it – long may it continue.



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